CURVE: The most innovative way to purify air

Essen, July 2022. With the patented new development at DK medical, the CURVE air purifier, a revolutionary device was launched just in time for the start of summer. Odours, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mould and other particles are neutralized without electricity.

The North Rhine-Westphalian company DK medical always develops innovative products for air purification at the cutting edge. With the CURVE, the first mobile air cleaning device for vehicles and small interiors is launched on the German market. At the same time, the bundled know-how in the medical field paves the way for a new generation of air purification. Unlike ionizers or air filters, the CURVE has neither a power cable nor a battery that needs to be charged. This makes the air purifier appear completely autonomous and silent. It leaves USB ports and cigarette lighters free for other useful devices, and the air purifier works without the engine running.

The clever system is based on granules that react with the air in the interior using tried and tested water treatment technology. As a result, odours are neutralized within a day and then permanently for a period of three months in total. The CURVE air purifier is odourless, which means that unpleasant odours are not simply masked, in contrast to the way air fresheners work, but are specifically neutralized to ensure healthy and fresh air. An effective solution against a variety of odours such as from nicotine and cigarettes, animals such as dogs, cats and horses, food, sweat, or even oil and petrol. In addition, the air purifier is also effective against harmful particles, viruses, and bacteria in the air, removing them up to 99.99%.

The modern and minimalist design blends effortlessly into a wide variety of vehicle spaces such as cars, taxis, rental cars or mobile homes. Thanks to its standardized shape and size, the CURVE air purifier fits perfectly in the car's cup holder, but can also be placed individually in other places. In addition, the CURVE air purifier even works in small indoor spaces of up to 8 m³ in size, such as the guest toilet, in cupboards and on boats.

The innovative CURVE is available in a total of seven different trendy colours: Cool Grey, Metal Black, Bright White, Ocean Blue, Little Cherry, Spring Yellow and the Taxi Edition especially for taxi drivers. Three classic colours blend in discreetly with the surroundings, in contrast to this there are four bright tones that provide a stylish change. A special highlight is the Taxi Edition in the cult colour light ivory. The dynamic design of the openings, under which the patented development is hidden, visually underlines the process of functioning of the granules.

The CURVE air purifier is now available online via the company's own web shop or via Amazon. Further sales channels via classic trade within the DACH region and expansion in Europe are planned.

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