How does the CURVE air purifier work?
Unpack, remove the top cover and position in a suitable place in the car, e.g. in the cup holder. CURVE reacts with the air in the vehicle and starts working in 30 minutes. The effect is already noticeable the next day.
Does the CURVE emit dangerous gases?
No. The CURVE air purifier is filled with a patented granulate that reacts with the air to neutralise viruses, bacteria, other harmful particles and odours.
Does the CURVE need to be connected to the power supply?
No. CURVE works entirely without power or cables.
Does the CURVE air purifier spread an odour in the vehicle?
No. CURVE has no odour. Its effect neutralises odours instead of covering them up.
Can the CURVE also be used in places other than in the car?
CURVE is optimised for use in cars. However, it can also be used in other indoor spaces, such as truck interiors, caravans, boats, closets and even small rooms. However, the effect is limited to a room volume of 8 m³.
How long does the CURVE work?
Our air purifier is effective for 90 days.