CURVE Luftreiniger - CURVE Luftreiniger
CURVE Luftreiniger - CURVE Luftreiniger
CURVE Luftreiniger - CURVE Luftreiniger
CURVE Luftreiniger - CURVE Luftreiniger
CURVE Luftreiniger - CURVE Luftreiniger
CURVE air purifier

CURVE air purifier

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Colour: Cool Grey
Cool Grey
Metal Black
Bright White
Ocean Blue
Little Cherry
Spring Yellow
Use CURVE air purifier carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

The product

CURVE ensures clean air in cars. Harmful particles, viruses and bacteria are removed up to 99.99 %. Odours are also permanently neutralised.

Our air purifier is suitable for vehicles such as cars, SUVs, taxis and rental cars.

It fits perfectly in the cup holder, but can also be put in other places.

Unlike an ioniser or air filter, the CURVE air purifier does not need to be connected to a power source and does not have a battery that needs to be charged. Your USB ports remain free for other devices, odours are removed even when the engine is not running and not only quietly, but absolutely silently.

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How it works

Our patented CURVE reacts with the air inside your car to neutralise viruses, bacteria, mould spores, harmful particles and odours.

CURVE air purifier has no smell of its own and ensures constant freshness in your vehicle by neutralising odours rather than masking them.

The CURVE works against nicotine and cigarette smells, animal odours such as those from dogs, cats and horses, food smells, sweat smells and even oil and petrol smells.

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The application

Using our CURVE air purifier is child's play and anyone can do it:

1. Unpack CURVE

2. Remove the top cover

3. Position in a suitable place in the vehicle. We designed the product for the cup holder, but it can also be put in other places in your car.

4. Done! CURVE reacts with the air in the vehicle without any electricity and starts working within 30 minutes. The effect is noticeable the next day and lasts for 90 days.

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Shipping and returns

Shipping to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Spain, France and Italy is free of charge. For all other countries, simply add products to your shopping cart and use the shipping calculator to determine the shipping price.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Items can be returned or exchanged within 14 days of delivery. You can find more information about shipping and returns here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
To recommend

I am very satisfied...removes all odors, only to be recommended

Daniela B.
To recommend

Works perfectly and is very well priced. Met all my expectations.

Exactly what we needed

Unfortunately, my mother's car smells quite strongly of stale smoke, which she likes to smoke in the car. The air purifier is absolutely perfect for this. Since we put it in, it hardly smells like it anymore. 

Carolin Puetz
Removes all odors

Didn't believe that this little thing really removes all odors from the car. But it really does. As far as the function is concerned, I am very satisfied, it also makes no noise. The only "problem" is that it only lasts 3 months, but for the price it's really not a big deal. Will definitely order it again.

Gunnar Gipp
very easy operation

It's super easy on the CURVE to use. Simply take it out of the packaging, remove the silicone and put it in the car. I noticed the difference to before after a few days.